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Shijima Houki (Gaara Hiden Novel) by FANGIE-CHAN
Shijima Houki (Gaara Hiden Novel)
Disclaimer: Shijima belongs to Masashi Kishimoto

Some info: Shijima is not an OC. She's a main character of one of the post chapter 699 novels, Gaara Hiden. All we know about her appearance is that she has an artificial Sharingan from being one of Orochimaru's test subjects, she wears glasses to seal her ocular dojutsu, she's apparently "beautiful" and reminds Gaara of a sharp, crescent moon. The women of the Houki clan wear make up and can't have their bare faces shown to any man but the one she will marry, so I gave Shijima lipstick. She's said to be around Temari's age (I personally imagine her to be two years older than Gaara). Apparently she looks a lot like her younger sister Hakuto, who is said to have inky black hair up to her shoulders; thus, I made Shijima's hair...Well...Inky and black lol. I tried to stick to whatever would remind me of a sharp crescent moon. Long hair didn't really do that for me. I wanted her to have a somewhat strict look. Her personality seems to be determined and she deeply loves her little sister from what I could gather from the novel. We know that she has wind release chakra nature but we don't know if there's anything else. We also know that her artificial Sharingan allows her to use genjutsu, one of her abilities being that she can place people caught in her jutsu under immense pain, rendering them either unable to use chakra or have an incredibly difficult time doing so.

Oh and uh...Of course I had to write fanfic. Yeah, I'm back at it (for now). Just find me on as Fangie-Chan, the same name I have on here.

If any long time watchers of mine are wondering, yes, I'm still alive, just busy with life haha.

OH AND ONE MORE THING. I'm incredibly lazy and drew this over a picture of Karin. Don't kill me.

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"Yeah, Ma, um…you heard me right. We're actually making this a real marriage." Kiba repeated himself, fiddling with the phone chord in his hand.

Hinata watched her husband from the couch, fists clenched before her pursed lips, her lavender eyes appearing larger than usual and filled with apprehension as she could only anticipate her mother-in-law's response. Would Tsume think this was some sort of sick joke? Would there even be any chance at all that she'd approve of this decision? All these questions and more wove a web of confusion and torment inside Hinata's mind, as all she could do was wait, and try to figure out the path of Kiba's conversation by his facial expressions. At first, he was very quiet and pensive, listening to what Hinata presumed to be his mother putting out some very expected mother-to-son advice. Then Kiba's face changed and he stopped playing with the phone chord. His fingers froze and he furrowed his brows deeply in confusion.

"Wait, what?" He lifted his face, along with one eyebrow as a look of shock took over his features, "you knew this whole fuckin' time?!"

Hinata gasped with mortification at what she heard Tsume's voice yell from the other side of the phone.

"I can smell your hormones, moron!"

"Oh God," Kiba planted his hand over his face momentarily before he hung his neck back and shouted back at his mother, "are you serious? Mom, how many times do I have to ask you to like, I dunno, not smell me from miles away to check up on me! It's fuckin' creepy! Especially for this. I'm your son! Don't you think that's kind of gross and really uncomfortable?"

It was then that Hinata remembered how in their teen years, Kiba would always explain to her that an Inuzuka's sense of smell was like a double-edged sword. Back in those days, his biggest problem was his own ridiculously strong nose, as even the slightest smell from several miles away could distract him while on missions; such as the mouthwatering aroma of a smoking barbecue, or something more repugnant like as a woman bathing herself in the mists of a powerful perfume. After years of Kiba learning to "ignore" little pesky diversions, and thinking his problems were over right then and there, his mother began being the source of his bothers. As Kiba grew older and became a more skilled shinobi, his missions became more dangerous. Tsume began sniffing him out from afar to make sure he was safe when he wasn't home. Only, sometimes, she'd discover that her son would either be drinking heavily with friends or being a man-slut, and would chastise him for it all the next time they'd meet. He was a momma's boy no matter how hard he'd deny it. Well, not that Kiba had much of a choice of the matter, anyway. Not with a mother like Tsume Inuzuka.

Although an overprotective, somewhat psycho sort of mother, this time Tsume was abusing her bloodline abilities at a very wrong moment; during Kiba's honeymoon of his arranged marriage. Oddly enough, it didn't bother Hinata so as it would have anyone else in their right mind. Knowing Tsume ever since her academy days with Kiba, it amused Hinata a bit as she watched her husband groan and gripe to his mother over the phone. It made the ex-Hyuga smile that the woman cared enough about her son that she'd inadvertently snoop on him at the wrong moments sometimes. In a way it was…Cute, that Tsume still had such a soft, motherly side of her deep within her wild, stark heart.

Still. Hinata couldn't deny that it was 'fucking creepy', as Kiba called it.

"Yeah, I know you do it 'for my own good' or whatever, but c'mon! Not on my damn honeymoon, Ma!" Kiba huffed with exasperation, "okay. Okay. Just no more! Go bug Hana or something. God. Okay. Bye, Ma. Yes, I'll be careful. We'll be back in Konoha next week, okay? Love you too. Be safe."

The brunet man gave yet another irritated sigh before he clumsily, soon desperately began clanking the corded phone back to its place until it fit in its proper spot.

"Fucking shit!" he shouted to himself, running a hand through his short, spiked hair as he grabbed the table and leaned over it with a free hand, "man, oh man…My mom sure is something. Damn that lady. It's a wonder I've managed to get my hot-headedness under control through the years, huh Hinata?"

Kiba turned back around to greet his wife with a reassuring smile when he soon became speechless at what he saw. The corner of his lips fell, along with his sturdy jaw. He caught sight the outcome of the hormone-fueled action he had just shared with Hinata not too long ago; the aftermath of the two of them getting a small taste of adulterated paradise.

"Oh fuck…" He mused to himself.

Hinata's eyes widened again, in question, as she traced her delicate, pale fingers over her bruised neck. There was quite a contrast in color, as Kiba compared the two. The skin on her neck was like a creamy-white canvas covered in random splotches of deep red and purples, fading to light pinks beneath the collar of Hinata's shirt. It was almost a work of art; passionate, unhindered art.

"H-how bad is it, Kiba?" Hinata quietly stuttered as she fingered her freshly decorated skin.

Kiba couldn't lie. It was pretty fucking bad. He remembered back in his teenage years when having a hickey or giving one to a girl was something to be so proud of; the bigger, the darker the love-mark, the manlier it was amongst young shinobi. Although…Those were so many years ago. This wasn't just anyone he got bruised up and hot and bothered with. This was Hinata; and Kiba was no longer a cocky, obnoxious teenager trying to gain the attention of all his peers. He was an adult, now, and this was his meek little wife, not a trophy of macho-ness to prove his vigor on.

"Err-…Well…" He hesitated, mustering the will to walk over to Hinata. Kiba cautiously, slowly sat beside her on the couch, reaching for her hand.

"It's a good thing we have one more week, Hina…" He continued, tilting her chin up to expect her lovingly abused neck, "that's just how long it'll take to lighten up enough for you to cover it up with make-up. Another week after that, you should be good."

Deep down, there was a hint of pride inside of him that Kiba just couldn't completely swallow. This was the most damage he'd done to anyone. He'd never, ever marked a female like this, so intensely. The most ironically wonderful thing was that this could happen with the only one he truly ever loved. Women had always tried to keep a good leash on Kiba with these kind of intimacies, knowing more than well that he was a wild, passionate force to be reckoned with; but poor, poor Hinata. She was so inexperienced. So pure. So clueless about the sexual being she was now married to. She didn't know he was a beast that would either need to be caged or completely unleashed to ravage her and indulge her in forbidden ecstasy. There was no in between. Kiba knew he'd have to warn her, no matter how badly the horny little shit inside of him wanted to leave this fact unknown and just whisk Hinata along with him into sensual oblivion.

"Look, I'm sorry," he laced his fingers with her, gently, "truth is, I'm a horny bastard."

Hinata giggled with alarm at his bluntness, "Kiba!"

"No. Really," he didn't smile like she thought he would.


"I'm telling you that so you can be cautious. Whenever we get…y'know…into it, I need you to be conscious of where you want me to stop if you need me to, okay?" Kiba instructed, "otherwise I just keep going and going if you don't tell me anything. Like, just now, if the phone didn't ring, who knows? We could have done more crazy stuff and it would have been too much for you to take in so soon. We should move slow. Especially because of how I am."

Hinata drew her brows in with concern more than confusion as she brought his hand to her lap and held him with affection, "well…How are you exactly, Kiba?"

Despite that Hinata had known him for most of her life, there was always one side of Kiba she didn't know; the sexual side. I mean, sure, many could guess that he was some wild freak in bed, but the man was never really one to talk about his experiences when it came to his relationships. Sometimes she had heard him with his fellow shinobi brethren bragging about what they called threesomes (she was smart enough to figure out what the term meant) and one night stands with near-strangers, but that was about it. He always did a good job on hiding intimate details from her, as if he had been embarrassed of what she'd think of him if she knew.

"I've always moved too fast," he shook his head and frowned into the distance, tough on himself, "I always had trouble with taking things slow. Always fast. Brash. Ignorant. I'd always rush into everything without thinking once about it. I was like that about everything, including sex. I don't want to rush with you. I want to enjoy it all slowly. Kinda like…Tease myself? Yeah. I wanna tease myself with you."

Hinata smiled a bit as she tried to hold back a giggle.

"Yeah, it sounds silly!" Kiba gave a robust laugh and straightened his posture, his teeth gleaming, "but I totally mean that. I want you to tease me. I want us to enjoy each other little at a time, not all at once."

"What?" Hinata burst into an embarrassed smile, "but-…What's the point of that? I…I really want you, Kiba…Don't you want, me too?"

That damn little unintentional seductress. She didn't even have to try to get Kiba on edge of losing his self-control; no, not with that angelic, soft voice of hers inviting him into her. Her innocence was just the most alluring thing to him. It made him feel like a wolf going after his prey. Hinata was begging to be consumed, with that shy, naïve nature Kiba absolutely loved.

The Inuzuka smirked at Hinata's remark and pulled her closer to him, tracing his fingertips past her chin, along her jaw, and into her hairline where he could softly grasp the back of her head as her cold, smooth tresses hung between his fingers.

"You're so damn innocent…" He chuckled, bringing himself just inches away from her lips, stopping before she could embarrassingly mistake it for a kiss and come for it. His smirk fell and he was serious once again.

Hinata's eyes were big and full of curiosity as she stared into his solid, fiery gaze. He focused so intensely at her, peering into her soul with adoration. She was his whole world, here, literally in the palm of his hands for him to have; and she could clearly see that from the way he looked at her, as if nothing else mattered in the slightest to him.

"I'm starting to really fall for you," he whispered, eyes locked onto hers, his fingers running though her pin-straight, obedient hair, "and I want you to fall for me, too. I want it to happen slowly. Now of course I fucking want you, Hinata. Don't ever ask me that again."

Kiba took her breath away with a kiss, finally, never losing sight of her eyes as they softened for each other; melting for one another.


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United States
:skull: :bulletpink::bulletpurple: Visit me on... :bulletpurple::bulletpink: :skull:


I'm Kat. I'm an inked up sweetheart with a thing for writing erotic romance and drawing all sorts of weirdness. I'm also a pitiless jackass who has no mercy when it comes to being brutally honest. Puppies and kittens make me teary-eyed, as I'm a huge softy deep down within that crusty lump of coal I call a cobweb-covered heart. I'm a goth at soul, though I don't particularly like to label myself as anything, but feel free to notice the obvious without me having to confirm it. I am many things wrapped into one. Enjoy.


Yes, Hinata...Bump DAT ASS out in Kiba's direction. Fucking bump that shit, girl. Owww! ♥
Hello everyone! So, it's been a super long time since I've actually submitted much on here. I'm nearly inactive here as far as posting goes, but I promise I read each and every single comment! Most of the reasons I'm inactive are work and video games. (Let's just say same old same old, lol)

KIBAHINA FICS: Yeah they're pretty much dead lmao. I have zero inspiration. I recently TRIED to write a chapter and was brain dead one third of the way through. No clue when I will continue those. Don't count on it. I don't wanna give anyone hope. Yes I do realize I'm one of the most well-known KibaHina authors, I know that's a big thing, but so is life and I've just been wrapped up in everything for the past few years and it's been wonderful.

I've been working on a League of Legends painting; hopefully I can post a WIP of it or the finished product when I end it and stop being lazy. I miss being here! I miss the days I was a no-lifer in high school who'd just come home and draw and write and get all zoned into DeviantART.

Meanwhile, does anyone play League of Legends? Curious!

If any friends or fans wanna talk, shoot me a message, comment, anything. I'll always be here. Just not often. I'll reply when I can. I plan to post tattoo pictures (I'm almost done with my sleeve; about 70% of my right arm is inked; I just need to fill the gaps with a night background) whenever I remember.
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