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A blood-curdling scream tore through the ears of friends, family, and loved ones of Kiba and Hinata Inuzuka at the old building being used for the traditional Inuzuka claiming ceremony. The people of Kiba's clan sat still and silent in respect with their canines while young children shielded their eyes against their mothers and a few of the Aburame clan-members looked away and down at the ground. Hanabi, Hinata's younger sister, rushed their cousin, Neji, for comfort by burying her face against his chest as he plastered his hands over her ears and held her tight, unable to keep watching as for a moment he witnessed Hinata being claimed by Kiba by a deep bite to her neck. Even Naruto cringed at the awful torture his eyes showed him, striving to keep his gut strong as he bravely stood by a wide-eyed, unmoving Shino and dared to see what they both could have simply turned away from. Hana, Tsume, and Ookami stood amongst them with their hounds and Kiba's Akamaru, completely unnerved, however. It was a tradition they had all seen before, and many times.

Blood poured from Hinata's neck and ritualistically stained, if not washed her kimono, as well as Kiba's and the white drape they kneeled on with a hot, crimson waterfall. She gushed and she squirted from the juncture between her jaw and shoulder, forcing Kiba to take courageously take down gulps of her iron-tasting, thick liquids as he kept his fangs penetrated tightly into her flesh, his teeth clamped down hard on his poor, suffering wife. Hinata screamed and trashed in the restraint of his arms, writhing and trembling in searing pain, nearly choking on her own sobs as her tears failed to clear any of the blood that had sprayed up and into her face, as well as all over Kiba. Her chakra stream had been pierced by Kiba's fangs and thus sent her blood gushing out by the pressure. This way, both her chakra and his were allowed to mingle together in each other's bodies as a small offering to each other of their sacred vow before Kiba finally removed his mouth from her neck, letting the site of the chakra's raw entwining to naturally heal Hinata's flesh on its own, and immediately.

In turn, Hinata fell limply into Kiba's waiting embrace, her head hanging lifelessly over his shoulder as she submit herself into unconsciousness. It was finally over. She could rest, now, but in turn miss the celebration that began amongst the people of the Inuzuka clan, then, who knew how to carry on the ceremony. The Aburames soon learned to follow by the way they clapped and stood on their feet, some bold enough to scream and shout in glee as most the Inuzuka's would with their howling canines.

"That was-….Ughh…!" Naruto groaned out, clutching his stomach as he wobbled ever so slightly, "oh God…Guys…I-I don't feel so good, suddenly…I think I'm gonna…Ugh…Ahhhh…"

It didn't take a second longer than that for those around the Hokage to rush to him and grab him before he could fall over, while Ookami watched and silently laughed to himself in amusement, shaking his head.

Meanwhile Kiba hung on tightly to his wife and buried his bloody face into her shoulder, hiding from his friends as he felt his eyes begin to warm. By his own saline he smelled coming into the air amongst the strong musk of the iron in Hinata's blood, he knew he was crying.

"I'm so proud of you, Hinata…" He whispered silently, lacing his fingers deep into the tied up bun scalp to let her long, night-blue hair cascade freely around her before he kissed the side of her head, "God, you were so brave…You couldn't have done any better than you did. Congrats."

With those words she probably couldn't have heard, much less remember upon consciousness if she had enough strength to give ear to them as they came from her husband, Kiba wrapped an arm around Hinata's neck and another underneath her and proceeded to bring himself up off the bloody floor with her. The stained white drape was then left for an Inuzuka woman to pick up and fold cleanly into a laced bag before she followed behind Kiba.

Not a single person in that building kept themselves nor anyone else from cheering as Kiba walked back down the aisle he had come from. Even the semi-conscious Hokage chuckled, muttering incoherently in an almost drunken-like daze and managed to keep a somewhat steady clap going as he sat on the ground with his legs wide open and head rolling around, his friends awkwardly crouching beside him to keep him up and put to spare him the embarrassment.

"I can't believe it…I'm married, now…"  Kiba thought to himself, keeping a watchful eye on his passed out mate as he made an exit out the large space of gathered people, finding himself in the corridor he had been in earlier. It was there that the woman who followed him guided him back to the women's massage room, where he could lay Hinata to rest.

"I'll start the after party in the back-building," the woman gave a cheerful nod to her clan-member, setting the bagged up drape on a table beside the door, "if Hinata-Chan doesn't wake up before it ends, I'll come find you two here again. There's no rush."

"Thanks, Kari," the man smiled back, watching as his relative left and quietly closed the door.

Kiba sighed as he stared at the door for another moment, his smile fading out before he found a massage-bed and laid Hinata over it as carefully and gently as he could.

"Damn…" He whispered to himself, knowing Hinata couldn't hear him as he tenderly pulled a couple strands of her hair off of her sticky, bloody, tearful face, "guess you're my wifey now, eh, Hinata?"

Kiba laughed quietly at his musing as he gradually walked to an old rusty sink at the corner of the room, taking his time to make it over to a set of towels where he found various massage oils and other materials used in the massages.

"Never thought I'd be marrying you one day," he spoke unanswered again, picking a fluffed towel to run under some of the water. Kiba waited and waited for the water to turn warm but it never did. The sink was old and cold like the little bed Hinata was laid over. No worries for Kiba, though. He knew he'd get her to a warm, comfy bed soon, and knew he could heat up the towel when he found a microwave the women here must have used to heat up the massaging oils. He folded up his towel and placed it onto the microwave plate, resisting the lazy urge to just toss the rag on in there.

"But hey…Can't say I'm upset or anything, right?" He laughed to no one but himself, turning to glance at the unconscious Hinata as he turned on the appliance to heat and meanwhile splashed his face clean, "I mean, I always wanted to marry someone beautiful. I got that…I wanted to marry someone sweet, too. Got that as well. Someone smart…Mature…Faithful…Someone who really loves me. Doesn't matter that we're just friends. We still love each other, right? I wasn't specific as a kid when I said I wanted someone who loves me. Heh, maybe I should have been, but then again, I can't ask for perfection out of life."

Kiba turned off the sink and retrieved the towel to find it nice and warm and took it to Hinata, where he gave her a long stare before he proceeded to wrap an end of the towel around two of his fingers and touched her slender jaw.

"I remember you always wanting to go to Tanzaku town to try out gambling a little," he chuckled at the memory, more distracted by Hinata's beauty than her blood as he tenderly caressed her, ever so slowly cleaning her, taking his time if not overdoing his lack of any hurries, "well, surprise, that's where the honeymoon's gonna be…And yeah, there's a honeymoon, but don't worry, nothing's gonna happen. My clan just rented us a little house for ourselves for two weeks so we can just explore the town as friends. There are two beds, so I won't have to sleep on the floor like I did back home, and you won't have to feel bad for taking my bed."

Kiba gave a laugh as he started wiping circles around Hinata's bubbly little nose, accidentally making a joke out of something he had never intended to find humor in. It was random, spontaneous, yet the man began laughing like a small child as he played with and jiggled her button.

"Ha ha! You have the cutest nose!" He grinned with amusement, "God, this is so wrong…Here you are, out cold, and here I am, bein' a fuckin' dumb idiot as we speak…Err, as I speak."

Kiba made quick work of his little entertainment when her nose was clean, but found himself taking his time again when he went to her other cheek. He caressed her now tattooed features slowly, never questioning himself about why he did so in such an unhurried, appreciative manner.

"I know this is weird to say, but…" He muttered, watching as his fingers made tender circles over Hinata's pale flesh and around her crimson tattoos of the Inuzuka clan, "you're so pretty…God…I mean, I've always known you're pretty, it's obvious to anyone that you are, but-…It's like, this whole mating thing; marrying you and all, it feels like you've gotten prettier somehow. You're really gorgeous, you know that, Hinata?"

There was no answer from Hinata as she peacefully slept, but it was no bother to Kiba; just a twinge of bittersweet loneliness as he knew she couldn't hear his silent little confessions, and as he knew these were the ones he found impossible to make known to her, amongst all the other secrets they'd share with each other.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say I'm starting to crush on you a little…" He admit, giving a chuckle at the thought, "keh, how about that? Isn't it just plain weird? Ha ha! Well, who knows…Whatever it is, only time will tell, right? Right."

And so Kiba went on like that, talking to an unresponsive Hinata, pouring his silly little heart out as he got her delicate flesh clean of any blood above her clothes.
God, I love this story too much. Even with next to nothing of inspiration, oddly enough, I've still been able to type up these past few chapters. Again, don't know when the next will be out, but I want this story to have many, MANY chapters.

Naruto (C) Masashi Kishimoto
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