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Hinata could hear the galloping of horses as she slept against something comfortably warm, despite the fact that the rough bouncing around her made her empty stomach churned. As she paid more and more attention in the midst of her sleep, she could tell that there might have been two or three horses, and by the source of the galloping, she knew they were somewhere in beyond her. The sound seemed to be coming from outside, and she could feel a bit of a night breeze chilling her skin beneath what might have been a blanket, as well as hear that soft wind whistling through fabric walls around her. Then Hinata realized she was in a carriage. It must have been why the ride was so bumpy and why she could both feel and hear the breeze, as if it were blowing through the sail of a ship.

Hinata felt a bit of a sharp sting in her neck when she made the foolish choice to move herself. She was sore at the joints and weak at the bones. It was a good thing she was laid against a mountain of pillows, for if she wasn't, the blanket wouldn't have been enough to keep her cozy on its own. All in all, she was comfortable, for the most part. The pillows seemed to mold around her, even if they weren't really that soft under the fabric, nor downy. Actually, they felt a bit hard, in a way, and seemed to move on their own. Hinata figured it might have been because of the carriage shaking as she horses galloped over what might have been a dirt-paved road, until she began to hear a soft drumming beneath the pillows. It was a heartbeat.

Hinata opened her heavy eyes to find herself indeed in a dark carriage closed off with stapled canvas and fabric, but she wasn't lying against a pile of hard, seemingly-alive pillows; she was lying in the arms of her chiseled husband, Kiba Inuzuka.

"Kiba…?" She mumbled out of her dry lips, lifting her head from his toned chest. Hinata grabbed the side of her head as it began to spin with dizziness, causing her discomfort, as well as making her reach out and lay her other hand over Kiba's chest for stability.

The touch made a sleeping Kiba lift his hung-back head and snap wide awake before he soon found Hinata, lying against his body, his wife now peering up at him with shock in her wide eyes, an embarrassed pink hue staining her cheeks, and her hand grasping his chest half where his kimono had been loosened a bit at the collar, thus leaving his unshaved flesh bare to hers.

"O-oh, sorry!" Hinata yanked her hand back and held it to herself upon both the sight of his naked chest and the sensation it left at the tips of her fingers, "I-I-I didn't mean to-…! I-I just woke up…"

Though, Kiba was so tired that he could barely even feel any sort of surprise at the abrupt touch that had awoken him.

"Huh? Oh, it's okay…I just woke up too, I guess…" he smiled weakly, rubbing his eye with the back of his hand.

Hinata was puzzled at how Kiba didn't seem to mind the fact that she had just touched him in an accidental, yet still somewhat intimate manner. She sort of just stayed there staring at him with confusion for a while and held her fingers with her free hand, subconsciously remembering what he felt like as the sensation melted away but left an imprint in her memory.

It took a moment for Kiba to gather himself and regain focus to realize both he and Hinata were smushed together in a tight little corner at the back of the private carriage. As he began to look around to get familiar with his surroundings, Hinata realized it too, and instinctively, they both began to awkwardly adjust themselves until they were both at a comfortable distance away from each other. The two became cold, suddenly, where their bodies previously laid meshed against each other. When they lifted the blanket to cover themselves, they realized it was too short to wrap their bodies in. Kiba and Hinata had to squish back together. Not that they minded too much, at least; and not that they'd admit it either.

"Small blanket, eh?" Kiba cleared the silence with a small chuckle, feeling a slight heat rise into his face as he looked off at anything but Hinata, feeling too clueless and strange about the situation to make eye-contact with her as they pressed up against each other.

Not that that was a problem for Hinata. She was too busy staring down at her lap to even notice.  When she nimbly laid her head onto Kiba's chest again and allowed him to wrap his arms around her shoulders, she learned to ease herself with the strangely pleasant position. Kiba felt incredibly warm where he'd been covered with her body for God knows how long. He was big and toned. He could swathe her in complete warmth from all sides. Hell, he felt like a perfect fit against Hinata, even if she refused to consciously admit it. All she could do was enjoy him now and try to keep herself from questioning the strange new world around her. She had to live with the butterflies in her queasy gut and the blossoming tingles in her chest, though. She couldn't ignore her body's physical reactions no matter how well she could ease her mind for the time being.

"A little…" She finally answered him, crossing her arms under the blanket when she found it inappropriate to hold Kiba around the waist, "it's okay, though. It's not too cold outside, anyway…But, Kiba, where are we going?  How long have we been traveling? I can't remember anything…The last thing I'm able to recall is you biting me at the mating ceremony…Everything between then and now is a complete blur."

"Well, to start, you fainted after I bit you," Kiba began, "so I carried you to the women's massage rooms so I could lay you down on one of the beds while everyone left to the after-party. When you didn't wake up for a long time, one of my cousins came back to make sure you were okay. She brought clean clothes with her two for the both of us. I let her take you to one of the baths to clean you off from the blood and dress you while I was in the men's bath doing the same for myself. You woke up by the time I came back to the women's massage room where my cousin took you back to after that, but you were still in a bit of a daze, so we just decided it'd be best for me to skip out on the after-party and have our ride come in early to take us to Tanzaku town. I guess we fell asleep here though until now…No clue for how many hours, but by the smell of the breeze, I'm guessing it's a bit after midnight."

"…Tanzaku town?" Hinata sleepily repeated, "what for? I thought we'd just go back to your house after the wedding."

"Nope, we're going to Tanzaku town to stay for a few weeks and gamble and explore and all of that hoopla," Kiba yawned, laying his head back against a corner of the carriage's cushioned interior, "like a honeymoon or whatever, but without the sex…"

Hinata felt her heart squeeze tight at the word before she noticed heat shoot up into her face again.

"Oh…" Was all she could say, "that's nice…I've always wanted to try gambling."

"Mhmm, I know," he smiled, to himself, "my family rented us a room at a hotel to stay at. They got two beds, too, so we can each get our own bed."

"And Akamaru-Kun?"

"Couldn't come. When Inuzukas honeymoon, we don't bring the canines."

"How come?"

"I heard it's so the couple can bond or whatever…Kinda lame, if you ask me, since we're not really married out of love."

"True…" Hinata sighed. Her heart dropped a little at the last part of Kiba's words, almost as if she had been wondering for a moment if maybe there was a chance that he possibly felt something more than friendly for her. She figured there was her answer: No. Hinata decided to just settle on that even if her question hadn't been asked and Kiba hadn't directly answered it. She would have never asked, anyway. It had to be assumed things between them were just friendly, though no matter Hinata told herself to keep things that way, she couldn't help but slip past her denial for a moment to realize she was starting to feel a bit more than that for Kiba.

"Anyway, I'm gonna knock out again," Kiba interrupted her thoughts, "g'night, Hina."

Hinata silenced herself for a moment when she lifted her head to see him close his eyes. She stared at him for a little while before she eventually tamed herself to lay against his chest again, wishing she could gaze up at him for a little longer.

"…Good night." She finally said, holding the blanket tight to herself, praying that she could fall asleep as her unanswered questions began to submerse her worried little mind into further confusion.
Okay, so I don't know how much I'll be able to put out with fan fiction right now, since I've started college recently. I have a ton of homework, so things will be a bit slower for me in terms of DeviantART, guys. Sorry. >__<

Naruto (C) Masashi Kishimoto
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