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Hinata could barely remember much from arriving at Tanzaku town to being carried all the way to the hotel room that was rented for her and Kiba. She had been so weakened from her husband biting her at the mating ceremony, and so exhausted from the wedding that even her short nap in the carriage that escorted them both to their honeymoon wasn't enough rest for her. Lucky enough for Hinata, however, Kiba had carried her up to their hotel room upon arriving to their destination. That much she could still recall, as she was half awake by the time she was laid in her new large bed. Hinata could have sworn she had been mumbling something about Kiba not leaving for too long when he had gone back down to the hotel's lobby to retrieve their wedding gifts and bags. She had fallen asleep before he managed to come back up to their room.

Hinata had woken up this morning to the sound of a shower. It was bright out, thanks to the room's golden, satin curtains being parted to let the light in from sliding windows. There was a balcony outside with a chair and that apparently had been already used, judging by the bottle of water that sat in it. Hinata figured it must have been Kiba's when she spotted a beef jerky snack wrapped being pinned to the chair beneath the bottle. She laughed at the sight, sitting up in her bed to stretch and rub her tired eyes.

As Hinata looked around the room, she found it to be something quite fancy, not sweet and simple as she had anticipated. The Inuzuka clan wasn't too rich, but the amount of money that must have been put in for this honeymoon seemed to be quite the hefty amount. Hell, there was even a basket of chocolate-dipped fruits on the mahogany table next to Hinata's bed!

Not even thinking to brush her teeth first, Hinata gave a quick look around the room and made sure she was alone before grabbing a huge strawberry from the basket. She was famished and equally careless, not even realizing that the bathroom was occupied until she finished gulping down the fruit and wiping the juices around her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Oh God, I'm starting to eat like Kiba, already!" She giggled to herself, digging for another chocolate-covered strawberry, "mmm…Who in their right mind would pass up such delicious fruit for beef jerky?"

Then, before Hinata could wonder if her husband had somehow missed seeing something as noticeable as that perfectly arranged basket of delicacies, and before she could even stop her hungry mouth to save him some, she spotted a note beneath the woven basket.

"From Kiba," She read it aloud, taking it in her cleaner hand, "to Hinata. Happy breakfast…Aww!"

Hinata hugged the note against the chest and looked around to thank her husband for his thoughtfulness, but he was nowhere to be found until she remembered that he must have been showering.

"Aww…" She repeated again, this time in gloom, "he's still bathing…"

Hinata had spoken too soon. Just as she was about to put away the note and finished stuffing her mouth with half of a whole strawberry, a door was heard abruptly yet quietly swung open, stopping before it could hit the wall. Then out came Kiba from a corridor just left and beyond Hinata's bed, causing his wife to nearly spit out her fruit in her hand when she saw him.

"Oh, you're awake," he smiled nonchalantly, as if he weren't even aware that he was in nothing but a white towel wrapped lowly around his waist, "have you seen my razor? I could've sworn I took it out of my bag with the rest of my stuff, but I can't find it anywhere, now."

Hinata couldn't even try to politely look off and away to the bed beside her own where Kiba's bags lied, nor did she want to, and much less did she think to cover her eyes and scream in mortification. No. Not right now. Not with the sight before her; the sight of a tall, tan-skinned man dripping with beads of water slowly trickling down the curves of his muscles, past the nooks beside the defined, triangular outline of his pelvis, down into the mysterious depths beneath his towel.

"This always happens," Kiba mused without a care in the world about Hinata seeing him nearly naked as he rushed to his things, "I'm always losing shit left and right and I didn't bring a spare with me."

He acted so shameless about having his body exposed to Hinata like that. At least she thought he did, but only because she questioned herself on why on earth it suddenly seemed like a big deal to her. It shouldn't have been. After all, they were teammates as teens and Hinata had always seen both Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame topless while sometimes they'd spar together or change their shirts after sweating. Hinata had seen shinobi topless plenty of times, and after a few years of being exposed to chests and biceps and all, she had gotten somewhat used to it. Yet, now…She was looking at Kiba in a completely different light; and it wasn't the light that shone through the windows, casting a magnifying glow over his chiseled, rugged physique.

"God, I need to shave," he laughed. "I have the razor for my face of course. I just can't find the one for other parts. I mean, I've been feeling like a hairy beast 'cause of last night. 'Member?"

Hinata could barely answer her husband, but she sure as hell could remember the delicious burn she felt within her upon accidentally touching Kiba where his chest was exposed the night before; although, when he just asked her to remember, he'd only been talking about the little incident, and not the heat inside Hinata, which he had no idea about.

"O-oh, um, yes…I-I do…" she quivered at the sudden explosion of arousal deep in the core of her stomach. Hinata began to broil between the thighs the more she stared at Kiba' watching the way his back muscles would flex as he leaned over the bed and dug through his messy bags.

"There we go!" Kiba announced, grabbing the razor before he happily ran back in direction to the bathroom, being watched like a prey by a very predatory-feeling Hinata. However, just as Kiba turned the corridor, he stopped himself and peeked his head from the wall to frown at his wife as he sniffed the air with concentration.

Hinata didn't even have to wonder, then. From knowing Kiba nearly all her life, she knew just how powerful his nose could be, even without a soldier pill to enhance his senses on the battlefield. Thinking quickly, she stuffed her hand that was covered in strawberry juices down into her panties beneath the blanket, spreading the juice's nectar to cover the scent of her own nectar.

"W-what?" she innocently questioned, squeezing her knees up to make a tent over her lower body, blocking Kiba from seeing her obvious movements.

Kiba stared in suspicion and exactly at the area Hinata prayed he wouldn't detect giving off the aroma of her arousal. His eyes went wide and lips went stiff, as if he could literally smell her every move and know exactly what she was doing.

"I-is something wrong?" She pressed for an answer, panic clear in her voice.

Kiba averted his eyes from the place in question and shook his head at her in a hurry to leave, "huh? Oh, it's nothing."

Hinata couldn't continue her desperate attempts to rid herself of any further skepticism, then, as her husband left straight for the bathroom and locked the door in a dash. She was left there wondering who had outsmarted who, and now with her new gross-feeling, sticky lady-parts.

"Ew!" She winced to herself, yanking her hand out of her panties to stare at her fingers. Much to Hinata's dismay, what she was slimed with was…Well…To be polite, the juice of her own fruit, and not the strawberries. Then, to her complete humiliation, she knew Kiba would be well-aware of her arousal; not only that, but her sad little attempt to hide the smell from him with some freakin' strawberry nectar. It was obvious just by the look he gave her. Who was she trying to kid, anyway? The Inuzuka with the strongest nose in all of his clan? An incredibly stupid and shameful move made by Hinata, and she knew it as well.

Coming down to tears at the realization, all the ex-Hyuga could do was dress herself in outing clothes and step into a pair of shoes from her bags, then dart out the door of the hotel with some quickly-salvaged supplies in her hand as she tripped and trampled in search of a public bath.
Poor Hinata, lol. Just a quick chapter before I go to bed.

Naruto (C) Masashi Kishimoto
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